Oracle Database Applicance Release

On 1. May 2014 Oracle released the patch for Oracle Database Appliance.

Major changes

This release doesn’t contain many new features, but some internal important internal bug fixes, so i’vh renames this section to “Major changes”

  • Oracle PSU and for GI and Database
  • Out of Place for Grid Infrastructure update supportes the upgrade from to
  • ODAchk has been renamed to ORAchk
  • Bug 17896838, has been fixed on See here

NOTICE: ODA Note 888888.1 has been updated right now


  • ODA Bundle Patch
    Contains patches to the following components: OS, Component Firmware and Oracle Appliance Manager Modules, Grid Infrastructure, and RDBMS.
  • End-User GI/RDBMS Clone files
    Contains the latest Grid Infrastructure and RDBMS components, for deployment on an Oracle Database Appliance in the “shipped from factory” state, or an Oracle Database Appliance that has been re-imaged using the OS ISO Image.
  • OS ISO Image
    Used to restore the OS to the “shipped from factory” state. Use only when necessary.
  • Bare Metal
    Refers to the non-virtualized ODA configuration.


  • There are some problems with the Shared Repository. Please read “Known Issues” section in MOS ID 888888.1 carefully!
  • X4-2 core Key generation not yet working on MOS. This is going to be fixed in Apr-2014. Until then, please open an SR requesting keys for X4-2. (Virtualized Deployment with core binding is working. This doesn’t need a core key)

Patch ID’s:

  • Patch 18284007     Oracle Database Appliance Patch Bundle 2.10
  • Patch 16186163     Oracle Database Appliance 2.10 Virtualized OS ISO Image (Dom0)
  • Patch 16186172     Oracle Database Appliance Template download for Virtualized Platform (ODA_BASE)
  • Patch 12999313     Oracle Database Appliance Bare Metal OS ISO Image
  • Patch 12978712     Oracle Database Appliance End User Bundle
  • Patch 17770873     Oracle Database Appliance End-User (RDBMS clone)
  • Patch 14777276     Oracle Database Appliance End-User (RDBMS clone)
  • Patch 14349293     Oracle Database Appliance End-User (RDBMS clone, not changed since

Version Changes:

Component Name X4-2 Hardware X3-2 Hardware V1 Hardware
Expander 0018 0018 342
SSD_SHARED 9440 9440 E12B
HDD_LOCAL A606 A450 SF04,SA03
HDD_SHARED A600 A600 0B25,A700
ILOM r83840 r 83372 r83408
BIOS 25010601 17050100 12010311
ORACLE LINUX 5.9 5.9 5.9
Kernel 2.6.39-400.126.1.el5uek 2.6.39-400.126.1.el5uek 2.6.39-400.126.1.el5uek
OVS 3.2.3 3.2.3 3.2.3
Dom0 Kernel 2.6.39-400.126.1.el5uek 2.6.39-400.126.1.el5uek 2.6.39-400.126.1.el5uek
ASR 4.7 4.7  4.7

How to update see here